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Just a note, Vaughn has since graduated from the Automotive Training Center and is working at the Thompson Organization.  I know he really enjoyed his time at MBIT and still keeps in touch with Mr. Jazlovietcki.  We were very impressed with MBIT.  What a wonderful opportunity!


A proud mother of a student of MBIT

~ Nancy Payung, parent of a 2012 Automotive Collision Technology graduate

The Miller's love MBIT.   My son, Tim, graduated the program with Mr Sykes.  He is an awesome teacher.   Tim is in his final year at Thaddeous Stevens and doing well and working hard.   Thanks to Mr Sykes and MBIT, Tim is a success story in the making.


~ Randy Miller, parent of a 2012 Building Trades Occupations graduate


Hi Mr Fala,
I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of me in my class A's at the garden of reflection 9/11 memorial last night. I know how much you like to see your students doing things like this, and I wanted to let you know that you're the one who inspired me to do all that I do. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
~ Maria DeLuca, Class of 2014

Hi Mr.Sykes,

Hope the school year started out good! I just figured I would give you an update on what I'm doing with my life. Once I graduated I changed my mind about going away to college because I felt that I wasn't ready. I got a job mid-summer with Warrington Township in their public works department.  I'm sure you know what that is but basically I'm a township maintenance man. I love it! Because of your class and my portfolio I got the job and I have been able to do more large scale jobs because I have the skills for them that some of the other guys lack. I am also taking a few classes at Bucks just to stay productive until I figure out what I really want to do. I hope I can come in and see you and the class sometime soon.  I hope all is well with you and I hope to hear from you soon.

~ JJ Cataldi, Class of 2013  

I started a full time position in August as a Welding Apprentice with Aker Shipyard in Philadelphia. I heard about the opportunity through Mr. Carney at MBIT. Being in the full time work force in the trade I planned to enter is very satisfying. I am grateful to MBIT for preparing me to compete for a position with Aker.  I am sure that my training in the Welding Program with Mr. Carney helped me get the job."
~ John S., Class of 2011

Dear Mrs. M and Mrs. Duncan,

You know how I was working for CHI as an educator? Well I got a promotion!! I am now in charge of the entire North East region for Farouk Systems, working as an educator and account representative. Thank you everyone!  I couldn't do it without all of you! Hope to see you soon!
~Heather Post, Class of 2006

My daughter was part of the cosmetology program at MBIT, class of 2011, and has been employed one year with Hair Cuttery.   She got her license right out of school and is doing well.   She has since purchased a car, which she is making her own payments on and is thinking about getting an apartment with a friend who is also a hairdresser who went to Empire and has student loans.  My daughter has a good amount of saving in the bank due to her job.  So this all said, I am very grateful that she went to MBIT and that she is able to become self sufficient because of her training there.  Big thanks to Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Duncan for all their help and patience.

~Donna C.


Congratulations are in order. I survived my first month at Maxwell Systems!  It has actually been a great experience. I am excited to be using the skills I learned at MBIT. I use the HTML skills every day when I design marketing emails and I use Excel to keep track of my website analytics and progress reports.  Today I will be designing a landing page for one of Maxwell’s software products, as well as a series of icons for the iPad product Maxwell offers. 


I would not have been able to do this job if it were not for the education and training I received in Mrs. Nancy Goth’s class at MBIT. I have also been complemented on my well organized coding habits and file management, both skills were reinforced at MBIT. I am looking forward to building on these skills as I take on more complex projects at Maxwell Systems.


Thank you to the staff at CareerLink for assisting me and coordinating my training at MBIT through Nancy Messick and Nancy Goth. I am now a success story!


David Beagin

Graphic Designer/Web Developer

Maxwell Systems, Inc.

Dear Mr. McCombe,

Just wanted to send a note to say how incredibly AWESOME your Culinary Arts students were!  You would have been so very PROUD of them!  They all worked well with one another, handled themselves like true professionals, helped make our first Fund Raiser a Success, and were stellar representatives of MBIT!  You couldn't have better Ambassadors for your school!!!  We would welcome them back anytime, and cannot tell you how much we sincerely ENJOYED having them at our Event.  They were a PLEASURE to work beside!   


All our Best to you and your PHENOMENAL STUDENTS,

Donnamarie Davis


Mr. Michener,

Just wanted to take a minute to keep in touch, as I know it has been a while. Also I wanted to thank you for being one of the most influential teachers I had growing up, something you don’t realize until later in life. I have been working out here for a growing security integrator for about 2 years now, starting their Engi/CAD department. Never would I have seen myself doing something like this, but I have been very busy learning the business and technical aspects of the systems. We get to work on some very interesting projects with state of the art technology and I consider myself very lucky to work here and foresee this being a long-term career track with the company and contribute some of my success to your teaching and exposure to real world business practices. Hope all is well with you and your family and that things are going smoothly at school. Thanks again!

Matthew Ginther
Unlimited Technology, Inc.



"I graduated from MBIT (Class of 76). At that time it was called the Middle Bucks Vocational Technical School. My course of study was the Electrical / Electronic program. It was because of that specific education that I was hired here at Magnetics & Controls, Inc. 20 years ago as an assistant to the founder of our company. I did a lot of the breadboarding and layout of new designs, and even did some of the plant electrical work as we moved or purchased machinery. I worked hard and 20 years later I am the company's president running the day to day operations. Had I not had my VoTech training, I probably wouldn't have been considered for the initial position. So I owe a huge debt to MBIT for offering such a valuable program. I will always consider your school as my first choice for hiring."


~ James Chookagian Jr, Class of 1976

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