Monthly Messages from Penn-DOT

As part of its ongoing effort to improve highway safety, PennDOT is launching a new initiative this year to provide school districts with brief monthly messages for inclusion in websites or in electronic newsletters. These messages will cover various safety topics from school bus safety to underage DUI to texting and driving. It is our hope that parents and students will benefit from these safety tips.

April – zero tolerance

Underage drinking and driving both carry serious consequences for those under 21. Pennsylvania´s Zero Tolerance Law includes fines, license suspensions and even jail time for minors who drive impaired, consume, possess or transport alcohol, or lie about age to purchase alcohol. Adults who are convicted of knowingly and intentionally supplying minors with alcohol are also subject to fines and jail. More about the Zero Tolerance Law is available at

It’s also Distracted Driving Awareness Month! Learn more at

March – work zone safety

Work zones are starting to pop up across the state. The best thing you can do as a driver is slow down and pay attention when you pass through them. Expect the unexpected. More than 80 PennDOT employees have lost their lives in the line of duty since 1970. Let’s all get home safely. Get more work zone safety tips at

Just Drive- Work Zone Smart

February – aggressive driving

Do you speed, run red lights or tailgate? If you answered yes to any of these, you may be an aggressive driver. Police across the state are cracking down on aggressive drivers, so slow down – save your money and your life. Learn more about aggressive driving at

2014 January – winter driving

Winter in Pennsylvania can mean rapidly changing weather and road conditions. If you don’t have to drive during a storm, don’t. If you have to drive, make sure you pack an emergency kit and drive appropriately for the conditions. Learn more about winter driving and what to pack in an emergency kit at Information on PennDOT’s operations, like how we treat different types of storms, and other winter facts, is available at

 December – Distracted Driving

Are you guilty of texting or talking while driving? Research has shown that distraction from cell phone use while driving – either hand-held or hands-free – delays a driver's reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent. Remember that Pennsylvania law prohibits sending, reading or writing text-based communication on devices such as cell phones while driving. Visit for more information.

Just Drive—Distractions Can Wait

October – Teen Driver Safety

Driving is a complex activity – it involves putting together multifaceted evaluations, split-second decision making and performing intricate maneuvers. As Oct. 20-26 marks National Teens Driver Safety Week, it’s important for teen drivers to develop and maintain the proper attitude about driving.  Remember – driving is a privilege, not a right. And, it’s important for parents/guardians to start an open dialogue with their teen about safe driving skills before they turn 16, set a good example and consider establishing a parent /teen driving contract. A sample of this contract and more safety tips for teens and parents are available at   The website also includes information on passenger and license requirements that went into effect in 2011, and are important reminders for parents and young drivers alike.


Video:  Close Call: Pedestrian Safety for Young Drivers


National School Bus Safety week is Oct. 21-25


Remind children and adults alike to walk safely! Check out PennDOT’s pedestrian safety videos:

“One Parent to Another” Pedestrian Safety


“Walk This Way”: Pedestrian Safety for Young Children


August - School Bus Safety

It’s that time when school buses are everywhere. If a school bus has its lights flashing and stop arm extended, you must stop. The only exception is if you are on the other side of a highway divided by a concrete barrier or grassy median. If you are following or traveling alongside a school bus, the law also requires you to stop at least 10 feet away. Learn more about the school bus stopping law and penalties for violations at
Last Modified on March 17, 2014