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Required Paperwork

In order to begin employment in any Pennsylvania public school, all employees are required to complete the following mandatory paperwork:

*Please note: In addition to those offenses listed on the form, if convicted of any unlisted felony or any unlisted first-degree misdemeanor, there is a new requirement that the applicant must wait 10 years on the felony or 5 years on the misdemeanor after the end of his or her sentence before applying for a job. (There is an exception for a 2nd offense of DUI where it is graded as a first degree misdemeanor. There, the exclusion period is three years from the end of the sentence.)

  1. Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151)
  2. Federal (FBI) Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)                    
  3. PA School Health Form (Physical & PPD)
  4. MBIT Employment Application
  5. Act 168 pf of 2014
  • One form must be completed for each employer that falls within the following:
      1. The applicant’s current employer.
      2. All former employers of the applicant that were school entities.
      3. All former employers where the applicant was employed in a position where he or she had direct contact with children.  This includes schools, daycares, summer camp, etc.
  • An employee may not begin working until all verification forms are completed

PLEASE NOTE: All new employees must complete the above form in order to begin employment.

     Additional Paperwork For Guest (Substitute) Teachers

    1. Substitute Survey 2015-2016