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  • Automotive Repair & Maintenance FULL


    Gain the knowledge you will need to be a future driver, car owner, and automotive technician. Students will receive hands-on experience checking and changing fluids, servicing tires, and conducting other simple tasks that keep cars running safely and smoothly every day.


    Cosmetology FULL


    Expand your knowledge of hair, skin, and nails through the use of hairstyling techniques, facials, makeup applications, and manicures.


    Babysitting 101

    This engaging and interactive course is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful babysitter. 


    Carpentry FULL

    Come hang out with Mr. Roach in his cool woodshop and learn about measurement, tools, hard work and safety. Use your hands and dedication to make a farmhouse bench to take home to show off your talent! 


    Culinary Arts FULL


    Explore the field of Culinary Arts while learning how to read a recipe, use culinary equipment, prepare simple menus, and develop your own recipe books. 


    Architecture & Engineering

    Develop basic drafting and design skills using Google SketchUp software. You will be designing your amusement park and a 3D modeling.


    Electrical Technology FULL


    Discover the fundamentals of electrical technology through interactive workshops and hands-on projects.


    Graphic Design

    Practice both traditional (pencil, pen & ink) and digital (Photoshop & Illustrator) methods of making art. Working at the drawing boards and with digital drawing tablets, learn the “Secret Ingredients “designers use to make eye-catching graphics. Students will create their own brand that illustrates who they are.


    Medical & Health Professions


    Explore the world of disease and prevention through the eyes of a healthcare worker. Students will learn about the body by performing hands-on skills in a simulated medical environment. Interactive workshops will allow the student to investigate a variety of medical careers.