Engineering & Industrial Technology Career Pathway


    Teacher: Randall McDowell

    CIP Code: 46.0399

    This Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) endorsed program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills necessary to lay out, assemble, install, operate, maintain, test and repair electrically-energized residential, commercial, and industrial systems, DC and AC motors, generators, transformers, controls, programmable logic controllers, and electrical distribution panels. Instruction emphasizes the application of mathematics and science, electron theory and Ohm’s Law. Program instruction includes: single and three phase, delta and wye systems; both low (110 v. – 220 v.) and high voltages (440 v. and higher); reading and interpretations of commercial and residential construction wiring codes and specifications (e.g., National Electrical Code); installation and maintenance of wiring; service; and distribution networks within large construction complexes. Students will also receive instruction in solar and wind generation. They will build circuits powered by a 600 watt solar panel and a 400 watt windmill, and will be able to trace the distribution of the power generated by these green technology components. Students will be prepared for entry-level employment in the electrical and cabling industry in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This program provides an excellent foundation of technical knowledge for college and/or direct employment.


  • Electrical Career Wheel


    American Ladder Institute Safety Training

    C-Tech Introduction to Network Cabling in Copper Based Systems and Fiber Based Systems

    OSHA 10 Hour Safety

    PBA Skills Certificate



    Bucks County Community College

    Pennsylvania College of Technology

    Triangle Tech 



    Mechanical Aptitude

    Color perception

    Hand-eye coordination

    Mathematics fundamentals

    Physical stamina

    Ability to work independently or with a team

    Read and interpret technical material at grade level