Work-Based Education

    Work-Based Education connects classroom learning with work-based experience and teams employers, educators, community leaders, students, and parents.

    Employers shape curriculum, allow student observation visits, employ students, mentor, encourage future training…

    Teachers & Coordinators teach employability skills, place & evaluate students, develop training plans, monitor program guidelines…

    Students learn on the job, make career decisions, earn a paycheck and ….

    Parents support and encourage students!

    Work-Based Education Experiences i

    Worksite visitation and an opportunity to meet and observe technical and professional employees and business owners in the student's chosen field.

    Clinical Experiences:
    Non-paid, work-based experiences in hospitals, long term care facilities, day care centers, preschools, salons, restaurants, specialty stores, etc. 

    Paid and non-paid work-based experiences for a specified length of time.

    Program related experiences that allow students to earn while they learn and work towards a journeyperson's certification.  These experiences are registered through the Federal Department of Labor and the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

    Capstone Experiences:
    Program related placements that are paid, on-the-job training positions and are considered an
    extension of the classroom. The timeline for placement is individualized and based on student need.  Students are trained under the direct supervision of the employer and are assigned a mentor.  Students' progress is monitored and evaluated by the school and the employer on a continual basis.

    Job/Career Placement Services:
    Based on the student’s career goals, MBIT provides job placement services to help meet individual needs and interests.  Placement rates for MBIT graduates have been excellent and historically
    exceeded 90% for those students who desire and actively pursue job or college placement. 
    MBIT is committed to the placement of all successful students.  

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