2023-2024 School Year


    Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:


    Congratulations, we survived a full school year in person! At Middle Bucks Institute of Technology (MBIT), student success is our first commitment and we are looking forward to a new and exciting year starting on September 5, 2023.  We are here to assist you in achieving your goals by providing a supportive environment for high-quality education.


    As required by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology students must have a complete kit, uniform and books every day in order to receive credit for the 1250 clock hours necessary for state licensing.  We have enclosed a kit list, which is posted on the Google Classroom Stream and on our Cosmetology page on the MBIT website. Please go through the list with your child and be sure that they have everything on the list by August 31, 2023.


    Students cannot earn Cosmetology hours if they are not prepared for class every day.  Parental support in this area is greatly appreciated. We will be sending a note home the first week of school asking for parent/guardian phone numbers and e-mails to invite you into our Google Classroom, so we can all work closely together for your child’s success. You can also visit our cosmetology page on the school website, www.mbit.org for additional information.


    In addition to their kits supplies, both Levels 200 and 300 students will be required to purchase CIMA ($120) by September 5th. This online program targets various learning styles while reinforcing our classwork; it also assists in preparation for the State Board Exam.


    In Level 300, we will cover Advanced Haircutting and Haircoloring as well as Male Haircutting and beard trimming.  Several students have expressed an interest in purchasing a male mannequin (approximately $40), a quad mannequin (approximately $33) for coloring or a new female mannequin (approximately $40).  This is optional.  (NOTE: If your student has a mannequin that is very short, I suggest that they purchase another female mannequin and use their short mannequin for the men’s cuts.)


    The entire senior class will complete a reading project using “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.  It can be purchased at any bookstore or they can get it at the local library. They also have the option of downloading it to a device, however, they will be required to access the book during class time.  This book must be with them the first day of class.  This is NOT optional.  Reading project details will be given at that time.



    All returning students must have these items below before the start of school:

    1. Cosmetology Kit (1st day of school) – See the enclosed Kit list
    2. Smock/Jacket (If stained, worn out or lost, a new may be purchased MBIT from the cosmetology department) Students will NOT receive cosmetology hours if they do not have their smock.
    3. Their 3-inch ‘D’ ring binder with dividers & loose-leaf paper containing their notes from past year(s).
    4. Highlighters, pens and pencils needed every day
    5. Closed toed shoes only! Slippers, knitted shoes, open-toe and backless shoes are unacceptable. Students will NOT receive cosmetology hours if they do not have the proper shoes.
    6. Student Activity Fee – see PowerSchool Information Registration for fees/invoice


    ** Note: All students will be required to wear Black or Black & White salon-appropriate attire during Salon Extreme days (Thursday and Friday) starting on October 5, 2023. Sweats, pajama pants and hoodies are not salon attire. Leggings with a top that does not cover their bottom is not professional attire. Anyone not in professional salon attire will NOT receive cosmetology hours.


    Once you receive your notification, please complete the necessary student information, emergency forms and invoice payment via the PowerSchool Information Registration System by August 31, 2023. Students will not be permitted to participate in their labs until all forms are completed. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


     Your success at MBIT is our success.  See you on September 5, 2023.





    Jo Ann McLaughlin

    Maura Duncan

    Stephanie Mikkelson

    Cosmetology Instructors