• 2022-2023 School Year


    Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:


    Welcome to Middle Bucks Institute of Technology (MBIT), where student success is our first priority.  You have made an excellent decision to select and to develop a career pathway in our Engineering Related Technology Program.  We are here to assist you as you work to achieve your goals.


    The Engineering Related Technology Program is an innovative, multifaceted program. This year the program will continue to increase our commitment to “hands-on” activities through the use of electro-mechanical equipment and projects, which will allow the students to learn theory in our classroom while exploring the technology in the Lab. Teamwork, computer-based design, and creative projects will also, continue to be an important part of our program.  These aspects combined with your commitment to the program will enable your son /daughter to enhance their personal development and to make them an asset to the engineering profession.  


    The following is a reminder for the first day of school:

    1. All students should have 

      1. Pen & Pencil

      2. ¼” square block quadrille pad for sketching

      3. Engineering Tools - see attached list

      4. 3” Binder for class notes  

      5. Student Activity fee 

    2. Students will be issued a pair of safety glasses but are responsible for any glasses needed after the first pair 

    3. Students will be issued a locker and a lock

    4. Seniors who wish to complete the SolidWorks Certificate Program will need to purchase the Official Guide to SolidWorks Associate Exams separately from their instructor. 


    All MBIT students are required to wear a uniform daily.  If students do not have the required apparel, they will NOT be permitted to participate in the classroom activities, which will result in a zero on their daily assessment. Uniforms for the program can be purchased at www.mbitschoolstore.com.  The website will specify what is required and recommended for purchase. Uniforms should be ordered no later than August 14th so students will have them for the first week of school. Students will receive their uniform orders in their designated classroom. 


    Once you receive notification, please complete the necessary student information, emergency contact information and invoice payment via PowerSchool Parent Portal by August 28, 2022. Students will not be permitted to participate in their labs until all forms are completed. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.  


    We look forward to seeing you on August 29, 2022! 



    Alan Ostrow

    Engineering Related Technology Instructor