• 2022-2023 School Year


    Dear Student/Parent/Guardian:


    Greetings! I hope your summer is going well.  You have made an excellent decision in selecting and continuing your career pathway in our Horticulture Landscape & Design Program.  We are here to assist you in achieving your goals by providing a supportive environment for high-quality education.


    We will be working on projects (indoors and outdoors) at MBIT as well as classroom instruction. Therefore, come prepared to work the first day of school.  For this reason, you will need the following items when you arrive on the first day of school:


    1. Sturdy steel tip work shoes, no sneakers.  Shoes must fit and be tied at all times.

    2. Work shirt (green with white MBIT logo) 

    3. Khaki work pants with a belt. (Dickies brand or equal.)  

      1. Loose, baggy, torn or damaged clothes are not allowed.

    4. One pair of leather or rubber-coated gloves.  You’re expected to have these every day.

    5. Safety glasses (first pair provided by MBIT) are a requirement to work in the shop at any time.  You must have these every day!

    6. Be prepared daily with:

      1. School Issued Chromebook, when available from your sending school

      2. Pencils

      3. A notebook

      4. Students are welcome to bring and use their own hand tools.  Useful items are a tape measure and pruning shears.

    7. Student Activity Fee, Program Fees (paid via the PowerSchool Information Registration System)


    • Please note: During the colder months, gloves, jackets, MBIT HLD logo sweatshirts, and hats are needed and expected.  Conventional hats can be worn in the shop and while working on additional projects. Bandanas and non-conventional head gear are not allowed.


    All MBIT students are required to wear a uniform daily.  If students do not have the required apparel, they will NOT be permitted to participate in the classroom activities, which will result in a zero on their daily assessment. Uniforms for the program can be purchased at www.mbitschoolstore.com.  The website will specify what is required and recommended for purchase. Uniforms should be ordered no later than August 14th so students will have them for the first week of school. Students will receive their uniform orders in their designated classroom. 


    I cannot stress enough that participation in class is key.  When you participate during the year, you can be successful in your skills and later gain immediate employment in your career field.     


    Once you receive notification, please complete the necessary student information, emergency contact information and invoice payment via PowerSchool Parent Portal by August 28, 2022. Students will not be permitted to participate in their labs until all forms are completed. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.  


    Your success at MBIT is our success.  See you on August 29, 2022.


    Sincerely yours,

    Gregory Smith

    Horticulture Landscape & Design Instructor