• 1. Are the transportation guidelines the same for all home districts?

    Unfortunately, the guidelines do differ among the four sending districts.


    2. If my district has a two-hour delay and MBIT does not have a delay ---- I understand that parents would need to drive kids to MBIT in the morning, but is there a bus that will take them back to home school?

    This is partially correct.  If a parent is able to provide transportation to MBIT, there will be bussing to take the students to the sending high school for his/her afternoon session courses.  However, we recognize that many families rely on district transportation, therefore, if morning session students do not make it to MBIT because of the delay, their attendance is coded as an administrative absence.


    3. Is there a delayed time?  ie.  Will they arrive at home school at the same time as a normal day? 

    Yes, there is often a delay.  If all 4 districts and MBIT are on a delay, any AM students who are present at MBIT are picked up when the PM students are dropped off, which is around 11:20 pm. In today’s case, when MBIT and two districts are on normal schedules, a district provided one bus at normal pick up time (10:20) to take all of their students and stopped at all 3 high schools, so some students will get back at their regular time, others will be a bit late.


    4. If I have to pick my child up from MBIT and drive them to the sending high school, what time would this be? 

    The first dismissal bell rings at 10:20 am.


    5. If home school closed, is there transportation from home school to MBIT?  Will they be transported back to home school, or would they be picked up from MBIT?

    All districts provide transportation to/from MBIT on uncommon days when we are open but a district is closed, such as last Thursday 2/14.  Some districts will provide transportation to/from the high school, but the student must find their own way to/from the high school and home.  Others will take students home in a modified late bus style.  We have shared the information we receive from the sending districts on our website (https://www.mbit.org/domain/131). 


    6. If they are taken back to home school, a parent would have to pick up from home school, correct?

    Yes, if they are taken back to the home school, they would need to find their own transportation home.  However, some districts do provide transportation home.


    7. Also, if a parent cannot provide transportation when home schools are delayed or closed, is this an excused absence? 

    If district transportation is running on an alternate schedule and parents cannot provide transportation, we code those absences as an administrative absence (ADM). Administrative absences do not count against the student – it simply means that the student was not present due to a school decision.


    8. What happens if there are many ADM days, does this affect the student's grade or reflect negatively on his report card?  On days that they are marked ADM does a parent still have to call or send a note to MBIT?

    Administrative absences do not count against the student – it simply means that the student was not present due to a school decision.  Parents do not need to send an excuse note on these days.