• Middle Bucks Institute of Technology’s Cooperative Education Coordinators Pamela Swoyer and Steve Guinan hosted the Bucks and Montgomery County Cooperative Education Association’s first meeting of the year. Ms. Swoyer has served as the President of this group for many years. They collaborate on workforce needs, share best practices, have educational trainings, and compliment and assist the Pennsylvania Cooperative Education Association.


    The group is comprised of Cooperative Education Coordinators, Transition Coordinators and School to Work Coordinators. Ms. Lise Rich Special Education teacher at MBIT highlighted and explain the Career Pathway our Early Childhood Education students can participate in. Our students have benefited from partnerships with Co-op employers to gain access to Rising Stars Tuition Assistance and/or the T.E.A.C.H Early Childhood Pennsylvania initiative. Our students have received CDA voucher assistance, college tuition reimbursement, bonuses and paid release time for post-secondary school work. The partnership with local industry provides the back drop and connectivity for successful educational and career outcomes.


    Bucks and Montgomery County Cooperative Education Association