PA Early Learning Standards Pre-Kindergarten

PA Early Learning Standards Pre-kindergarten


             What are Early Learning Standards?

    The Office of Child Development and Early Learning in collaboration

    with the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education have overseen revisions to the standards.

    Each set of standards has been formulated with help and guidance from practitioners and program specialists

    who represented early childhood programs, school districts, higher education, family leaders, policy

    analysts, and researchers. A group of Pennsylvania educators, in conjunction with the Office of Child Development

    and Early Learning, created a set of Pennsylvania Core Standards beginning with Pre-Kindergarten.

    The Pennsylvania Core Standards start in Pre-Kindergarten and continue through 12th grade. The Pennsylvania

    State Board of Education adopted the Pennsylvania Core Standards in March 2014. The 2014 revisions

    include updates related to the Pennsylvania Core Standards; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

    (STEM) supportive practices; and current research trends.


    Our classroom teachers and student teachers carefully align all learning experiences at the center with PA Early Learning Standards