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    MMT Students Win Big at regional, state and national competitions.Multimedia/Digital-MEDIA students sweeped the category at the SkillsUSA, Pennsylvania state competition, MMT students earned medals in all areas from Audio Production, Photography, Video Production Prepared Speech, including first place in Digital Cinema. Then, the Digital Cinema team went on to Atlanta, winning 2nd place at nationals.

    Students disp[lay their SkillsUSA medals. dressed in their black MMT shirts

    This year, students took second place nationally at the SkillsUSA Competition in the Digital Movie category, For the first time ever, teams produced their competition film at MBIT prior to heading onto nationals. As a result, filmmaking teams were able to pull out all of the stops; using cohort students on their crew, implementing elaborate lighting and cinematic elements while spending more time in development—in Hollywood filmmaking style. This year's prompt was to make an uplifting film in the style of Francis Ford Coppola, the director of Tucker. Moreover, students were not permitted any assistance by an instructor — films were made 100% by students. This is the second consecutive year that MBIT Multimedia students took 2nd place at nationals, and the 5th year that MMT students placed in the top 5 at nationals.
    Concur — an original student film written, filmed, directed and edited by the team of Samantha Rosinski and Christian Pearson. Here’s the link to the movie:

    Christian and Samantha pose in their red SkillsUSA jackets after winning statesChristian and Samantha work with the camera gimbal Samantha poses with two judges at nationalsStudio production shot of crew blocking the sceneStudio set #2 talent prepares surounded by crew and thematic lightingWriter, director and crew work with the new camera gimbal


    Students learn about lighting, camera shutter and aesthetics.

    B&W Noir style image of student lurkingNoir lighting setup with subject in a hatColor Noir photo of boy putting on a glovestudents posing in front of MBIT (class of 2025)Student operates camera on a river bank

    mushrooms on a logRule of thirds sample of culinry pastry cookie cuttershutter blur river stream in autumnboy runningBallet dance with camera shutter burWaterfall motion blur

    In spring of 2023, Snapshot and Mother's Way were awarded an Emmy® for short format stories. Several current MMT students volunteered at the regional Emmy® awards ceremony while Dario Adame, a graduate of 2019, was a paid camera operator for the simulcast. In addition, Brian Daly, Shae Smith and other students were awarded an NATAS Emmy® nomination for their coverage of the MBIT Halloween Event.

    Davey_Shannon_Daly_Hancock stand on Emmy stage in front of statueProduction team at table discuss story ideasman in trench-coat reaches out from an LED camera screenDario—former MMT student—operates EFP cameraStudent reporter with ID banner "Middle bucks Gets Spooky"


    MMT Students were recognized for their filmmaking skills with awards in Best Narrative and Audio Design along with a nomination for Documentary at Greenfields Youth Film Festival.

    MMT students pose with awards certificates

    200-Level MMT Students Collaborate on a Wes Anderson-style Digital Movie. This undertaking is a passion of Cullen Hussey a fan of Anderson and an MBIT student. The team researched, analyzed, designed and is now producing this original,digital movie with all of the wit, visual cues and style that result in signature films.

    MMT Students sit on or stand on a sofa in front of a yellow wall — the tv studio setMMT Students direct and shoot a movie in the studioThree actors sit accross from each other, looking at the director on symmetrically balanced set.

    Student slates two actors, dressed formally, in front of lockersMovie Crew works in the hallway

    MMT Students Win Medals at PA SkillsUSA Competition
      • Audio Production—3rd Place—Jake Gutkind and Dary Demchuk
      • Video Production—2nd place—Ben Jones and Rob Albor
      • Photography—2nd place—Abner Yanes
      • Digital Cinema—1st place—Owen Quimby and Cullen Hussey will be competing at nationals in June to represent MBIT and Pennsylvania.
    Two Multimedia students in red jackets with thumbs-up and bronze medalsTwo Multimedia students in red jackets with thumbs-up and silver medalsAbner on stage receiving silver medal in red jacket Owen and Cullen in front of stage in red jackets with gold medals
    MMT Students at work:
    MBIT Mascot Brutus Poses.MMT students flying dronesStudent groups edit audio at computer stationsStudents poseStudent poses in red dress in front of vinesStudent ENG team and lights
    MMT Students take a personalized tour of the APA Music "Always Show Ready" truck to learn about cutting edge staging and production. Owner, Ray Razzi began his career as a musician and expanded his business to encompass all media from entertainment to staged events—nationally— for institutions and entertainment greats such as Marty Short and Steve Martin.
    Staging Truck and TV Screen surrounded by students
    Student teams reported on the MBIT beat in November. Here are some samples.
    1. Public Safety Training Reopens
    Students researched, shot footage and recorded interviews for the school beat. The story brings to light the importance of in-person training for public safety students as they return to the Bucks County Training Center for certification. Public Safety Training Center Reopens —ENG Package
    2. ENG_MBIT-DebateOverLateStartTimes
    This students team selected a controversial topic; later school start times. Students researched the topic and sought subject matter experts as well as varied sources on each side of the argument. They shot the package and recorded a bridge and standup, then used newswriting techniques to connect soundbites and craft a balanced story. ENG Package —School Start Times
    Eric Spektor's experimental film,The Spectre [that is] Haunting Eric Spektor, will be posted here once it completes the festival circuit. Look for it in late April.
    Our class created several silent films this year. Here is Flowers,  a wonderful comedy short—created by Ashton Swan and Josh Volk.
    The Uncomfortable Silence. 
    This film took 4th place nationally in the SkillsUSA competition and 1st place in the Bucks Fever Film Fest-2021.
    Director, Billy Kubacki and cinematographer, Luke Whitney, produced this film with support from Eddie Kenna, Cullen Hussey, Dary Demchuk, Abner Yanes and other students. Multimedia learners were challenged to conceive of, write and produce a ROMCOM in the style of Nora Ephron. They chose The Uncomfortable Silence — the story of Jake and Amy on their first date. This student film utilizes exquisite timing and subtle framing and movement to embody the connection that can arise from The Uncomfortable Silence. Key to this is the transition from unconventional short-side framing (visual tension) to conventional framing when Amy and Jake begin to relate.
    The film that won the state competition and led to nationals was a thriller entitled Short on Time. 
    MMT students prepare for filmmaking by testing the new C70 mirrorless camera prior to their shoot.
    5 students stand ready behind a C70 camera and other gear3 students test the C70 camera in a lobby
    MMT studentsare back in action taking photographs on the creek and learning about shutters and aesthetics. Check out the cool scenes and photographs.
    3 cohort groups use camera by the riverlooking through a tunnel at students photographing the riverstudent poses for a portrait in a jacket, holding a treecascading water on the creek
    100 LEVEL cohorts use Design Principles to build effective ad campaigns.
    3 students work on computer ads3 students work on computer ad2 cohort groups work on computer adsPant ad for size and balance
    MMT students are recignized for their craft at the Bucks Fever Film Festival again this year.
    2024 by Billy Kubacki & Luke Whitney (Finalist)
    Uncomfortable Silence by Billy Kubacki and Luke Whitney (WINNER) 
    Like Whotney was also recognized for outstanding Achievement in lighting.
    Luke and Billy stand in front of the Bucks Film Festival backdropMr Davey, Ethan, Luke, Billy Shamus, Skylar, Abner, Dary stand in front of the Bucks Film Festival backdrop
    200 Level students begin the term by creating an advertisement for a toy. They take photos, composite an advertisement and using all original material, designs and design principles. Then, cohorts justify their decisions in a presentation to the class.
    students take a photo of a small toyTwo students plan their ad3 students set up a toy and camera for a studio photo shoot
    MMT sttudents recognized as “BEST MOVIE” in the 10 Day Film Challenge (2019). MMT PM session students produced a film, entitled We Can Fix This,which was awarded BEST MOVIE (168 submissions) in Pennsylvania, and 4thplace nationally. Superior craftsmanship, performance and direction were all cited as benchmarks of this successful project. Mr. Davey, program teacher recognized the brilliant teamwork for both production groups, the second group attaining “6th Place Over-all Movie” for their movie entitles, Captive.We Can Fix This,also received awards for “Best Use of Genre”(nationally), Best Editing” (state) and Pest Performance (nationally). The high caliber of craftsmanship, direction and cinematography is a hallmark of our multimedia program which emphasizes teamwork, real-world problem-solving and professional standards.


    Winning Team holding the 10Day 1st place trophy 6th place student team holding certificate and movie poster Dario,Maya<Emma,Mr. Davey, Skylar, Mrs. Strouse holding trophies students in production with RED camera and talent

    Maya Long, Skylar Pinto, Emma Kujath were awarded Best Digital Movie in Pennsylvania Media and design Competition held at Dickinson University (2019). Cole Stanley and Dario Adame also contributed to the success of this compelling news package entitled, Pine-to-Pink. The story speaks to the personal challenges for breast cancer survivors and showcases how Doylestown residents rallied in support of patients by changing Pine Street signs to “Pink” Street. A special app. Was developed, retailer and local citizens culled their resources and the local initiative was a great success. The winning video is sophisticated in its story-telling and visual appeal. The production was also honored as a NATAS Mid-Atlantic Emmy® award finalist.

    MMT Students holding PS State award certificate

    In May 2019, Skylar Pinto and MMT instructor, James Davey were honored for their community contributions in their work on the Bucks County Intermediate Init, specifically the production of an informational video about the IU’s art collection used to facilitate learning in schools.

    Skylar Matt hold awards as PA State Champs  Eddie Zach in red jackets, doing an audio Interview  Students record interview in NewHope with Producer

    Skylar Pinto and Matt Musick will be heading to Louisville in June to represent Pennsylvania at the SkillsUSA national competition. This is Skylar’s second time to nationals in the TV/Video Production category. In the audio/radio production category, Eddie Kenna and Zach Gehring took third place at the SkillsUSA state competition. Zach is a junior and Eddie, a sophomore. MMT prepares students to make independent decisions as was evendenced by several of these leaders and peers, Maya Long, Emma Kujath and Dario Adame in the production of a documentary for New Hope. The team utilized professional level problem-solving and analytical skills to overcome various hurdles, during a 3-day production, to produce a noteworthy video profile the embraceable residents of this river town. 

    Real World Collaboration with Production Companies  

    Multimedia students record interview at Michener Museum in collaboration with BCIU.

    Multimedia students take the lead and record interview at Michener Museum in collaboration with BCIU and HeadHouse Media.

    Check out this award-winning silent film produced by 200 level students and a TV news package about MBIT's student-built house, both nominated for an NATAS H.S. Emmy® award.

     Students portray a keystone cop and protagonist disguised as custodian Female Construction student uses cross-cut saw to prepare a stud




    Emmy Winning Team

    MMT student, Mike McGovern (writer/director/actor) and his production team were honored with a high school Emmy® Award for Second Wind, a movie about second chances. The film won an Emmy in the category of Best Fiction, due in large part to the team’s overall technical and creative capacity; original screenplay, sound design, cinematography and post-production.

    Emmy Logo

    Second year students, Skylar and Alex, traveled to Kentucky to compete nationally in the TV/Video Production category at the Skills USA championships. Ultimately, this dynamic duo placed 6th overall (out of 39). Skylar and Alex are second year Multimedia students who have demonstrated the ability to craft professional video content across several platforms. As a lead up to the event, the team won first place in the PA state competition in Hershey, in April.

    Three winning students pose with medals Skylar and Alex at the national competition in Kentucky

    Jon V. was awarded third place in the state for his photography. Here is an example of his use of shutter blur which helped earn him to achieve this honor.

    Student stands fixated and surrounded by bodies blurred in motion Emmy Logo


    MMT students took “best use of prop” category in the 10Day Film Fest for their thriller movie, Recollection. Their student film can be seen here:

     detective takes a photo of the scene while two investigators duck under caution tape

    Skills USA Third Place 

    Our Multimedia Technology team took third place in the Skills USA state competition for Audio/Radio Production. They were evaluated on technical knowledge, production skills and creative abilities. On location in Hershey, Pennsylvania, MMT students produced a 5-minute radio story by acquiring sound and commentary, then editing and mixing the assets into a comprehensive and compelling story.

     SkillsUSA winners


    First Place in 10 Day Film Competition

    Multimedia Technology students competed in the 10 Day Film Challenge and took first place in Pennsylvania for a film entitled, Six Letters. The film also took first place for Best Screenplay. As a result of this achievement (15 out of 450 films submitted) and recognition at the national showcase, the film was also entered in the Rough Cut Film Festival and Bucks Fever Film Festival.

     Winning Team 10 Day Challenge

    Best Opening Sequence WINNER


     Multimedia Technology students win the category of Best Opening Sequence in the 10 Day Film Challenge for a film entitled, Karma.

     Karma Team


     A is for Art - The Mobile Classroom

     Multimedia Technology students were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of new technology at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They gained relevant insights and learned about interactive design and applications to enhance the consumer experience. While on site, MMT students also had the opportunity to see master works of art.



  • Here are photos produced by Jon, a multimedia student who won third place in the state competition for Skills USA.