• MMT Success Stories

    Ian Kozlik headshotIan sitting on a dolly and track with a Panavision camera, next to a Large yellow front-end-loaderWarm sunlight hits painted smoke stacks on the Delaware River with the B.F> bridge in the distance

    Ian Kozlik is a 2018 MBIT/MMT graduate. His medium of choice is video, but Ian continues to strive for improvement through the still lens of photography. Upon graduating, he was hired by Fastrack Construction and Lupert-Adler as a full-time videographer. Working out of Philadelphia, he is responsible for capturing, editing, and organizing videos to showcase the progression of several jobsites. Ian’s current project showcases the full renovation of Philadelphia's largest power station post World War I. Initially opening in 1923, this power plant provides 500,000 square feet of usable space and will eventually become a live-work environment with catering businesses!

    Foggy film set camera crew and Florencia in silhouetteFlo taking selfie, wearing intercom and black tech clothesFlo holding using a cameraFlo in a light beam on set

    Florencia Minniti is an MBIT multimedia program alumna (Class of 2017). Since graduating, she has been pursuing her professional career in filmmaking and music in Florida. Her most recent accomplishments include writing, directing, and editing internationally recognized and awarded short films, including “The Promotion,” which has already been awarded: 
    • “Best Female Director Short Film” in the Cannes World Film Festival (France).
    • “Official Selection” in the Paus Premieres Festival (United Kingdom)
    • “Official Selection” in the Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, California)
    Florencia’s short documentary titled, “Who Am I: Florencia Minniti Documentary,” and short film titled, “And Now We Wait,” have both received an “Official Selection” in the Sessions by Lift-Off Global Network, based in the UK & LA. 

    This past October, Flo worked on American Idol in Los Angeles as a production assistant, and crewed several indie film projects in California. As an aspiring singer-songwriter, she is most excited about the release of her first EP and beginning to work on more songs with an LA producer. Flo Minniti enjoys working alongside other talented young filmmakers and directors to bring her music to life with visually stunning aesthetics.

    Alex with mask, holding Crew badgeAlex (MBOT shirt) behind Adam Sandler on movie setAlex with Skills MedalAlex ans Tory work on camera at MBIT

    After MBIT, Alex Kresz enrolled at Full Sail University and earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Film. She’s been working on film productions coming into the Philadelphia area since her graduation in May of 2021).; first as a set production assistant on a Netflix’s feature film Hustle starring Adam Sandler. Most recently Alex worked on the feature film, Rittenhouse, starring Nick Nolte and a reality show Love After Lockup on WE tv. She was also an acting Production Assistant for BRAVÒ on a branding piece for Haochen Zhang, an award-winning pianist. Her duties on set include helping actors go through hair, make-up, and wardrobe, traveling actors to and from set, ordering coffee, breakfast, and lunch, handling money and receipts, and filling out SAG (union) paperwork. Alex Kresz aspires to be an assistant director in the DGA (union), Directors Guild of America. She must earn 600 days of union work as a production assistant to earn her way into the union and has about 50 union days so far.

     Shamus HeadshotShamus holding award certificate with and DaveyAhamus in film dressed in a trashbag in the showy woods

    Hey Mr. Davey it's me, Shamus,

    Presently, I'm at The University of The Arts in Philly, majoring in film, of course. My freshman year was virtual so that really sucked. And so I'm really excited to begin my sophomore year here on campus, meeting new people, and building bridges.

    I know this is like 2-3 years later but I want to say how honored I was to win "most improved" when I graduated. I wish it was all in person cause I really wanted to go up on that stage, after you've made that beautiful speech, and give you a big emotional hug. You've been the best teacher I have ever had in my entire life. I'll be honest I really miss you, Mr. Davey. I'm sure ill experience a lot more in Philly but I really miss making stuff at mbit. Cause that's where it all started honestly. I hope MBIT is in good hands with the upcoming students.
    I also wanted to show you some of the work that I've created. You've probably already seen the films that I've been a part of with Bily, Cullen, and Luke. Right now I've finished a script based on a true event that has happened to me in the city.  I've also made a few edits that I've sent here too.
    I would honestly really like to catch up and maybe visit mbit one day... as I miss it so much.
    - Shamus Duffy

    Skylare headshot in a red shirtSkylar and peers use a camera and audio fo capture an interview on the New Hope CanalSkylare with medal around neck, holds a small trophy

    Skylar Pinto (2018 graduate) My job at A&E is going great! I wrapped on a limited docuseries last week as a graphics editor, and it aired on A&E earlier this week. Here's a link if you're interested, and I'm in the credits: https://play.aetv.com/shows/invisible-monsters#episodes I used After Effects to make all the text cards, disclaimers, subtitles, time stamps, locators, lower thirds, credits, and photo treatments. 

    Back in July, I started on my other show, Panic 911. I'm doing similar graphics work in After Effects in addition to assistant editor work. I've really improved my knowledge of Avid Media Composer, where I've learned how to script sync, import footage, group and sync footage, label b-roll, create stringouts, and organize footage. I believe I may get the chance to edit some short scenes eventually. It's been great meeting other people in the industry too. The job has been an insightful learning experience that I'm really enjoying.

    I'm also doing some assistant editor work for Westbrook Media, a post house in LA County, CA. It's for a YouTube original show called Noted, which is a docuseries about Alicia Keys. This show is edited in Premiere. I've synced audio and video, created edit decision lists, created a stringout, and exported some sequences. This week. I am working as an assistant editor and traveling with Will Smith for his book tour. 

    I'm really happy with where my career is going, and I've noticed that once your foot is in the door, all the job opportunities come with ease. 

    Black & White contrast headshot of EthanIan, Ethan and Kaydee work with the RED camera on a sliderGuy frozen in the middle of a skateboard trick

    Ethan Sklar, from the graduating class of 2021, focused on photography, film, and the business side of the media industry during his time at MBIT. He took 2nd place in the state for his photography (skateboard ohictured above). In late 2019, Ethan founded Blue Eye Digital Media, a production company with the initial goal of branding his portfolio. Later, he recruited other graduates of MMT into an innovation group. In 2020, he began producing WPHL TV's online show "Legends of Philly." Guest appearances include Maury Povich, Bernie Parent, and Ike Reese. In 2021, Ethan was a finalist in Photography at the SkillsUSA Pennsylvania State Conference, placing 2nd out of 13 competitors.

    Dylan standing on aa road holding a cinematic cameraDylan uses a steadicam devise in the woodsDylan holds a cinematic camera

    Immediately after graduating from MBIT in 2016, Dylan was hired as a full-time cinematographer at a digital marketing agency that is a premiere partner of Google. He spent nearly three years working there, producing videos for more than a hundred different clients. At the age of 21, Dylan founded his own media production company, Varianography. His company specializes in providing video production and photography services for businesses and brands in a variety of industries. As the owner, Dylan assumes many roles including lead cinematographer. But, he also continues to freelance as principal cinematographer on projects for other production companies. In the near future, Dylan plans to continue to scale and perfect his business model while honing his craft and delivering exceptional quality and value to clients. You can view his teams work at www.varianography.com

    Kevin cleans a camera lens, standing in a fieldTwo guys holding a camera stand in front of a volcano in EcuadorKevin headshot with white graphic, Kevin Shaw on red rectangle

    Kevin Shaw: After landing his first Emmy at the age of 20 for his camera work on A Taste of History (HeadHouse Media), Kevin has founded his own production company and works as a director of photography. He has produced work for numerous clients include Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism and Sandals Resorts. Kevin’s focuses his style heavily on clean, vibrant frames, often using film as his medium of choice. His recently granted German citizenship gives him access to the EU, compelling him to explore new light in the burgeoning Spanish film industry. You can view his work at kevinshaw.co.uk

    Taylor HeadshotThree girls watch Taylor operate a camera

    Taylor Risich, a 2017 MMT graduate, went to DeSales University to further her education in TV/Film and graduated in 2021. She is currently working at BOLT ON Technology as a videographer & video editor where she plans, shoots, and assembles various types of videos ranging from interviews, live action, and training videos. Outside of the office, she works on personal projects and freelances for other production companies. Her latest film, Deception, was a finalist for the Oniros film awards in New York City. Recently, she was the Director of Photography for a short film called Posies and has worked with the company Fear Crypt by being a Producer & Editor on their recent film Slumber Jack, both projecting to premiere in the spring of 2022.

    Matt and Skylar return from Louisville with a top-10 finish in TV production - 8thplace out of 38 states. The SkillsUSA national competition was a capstone on three years of exceptional work encompassing real-world production in Design, Graphics, News, Video & Movie Production and Post-production. Prior to arriving at Louisville, they were already ranked in the top 1% nationally, Their skill and craftsmanship clearly demonstrating their workforce readiness and creative competence in story-telling.

    Bridge in foreground with Louisville city skyline Skylar and Matt in red jackets edit on computer Mat and Skylar record video on escalator in mail hall at conference Will, Matt, Skylar stand under architectural circles on 4th street

    Jem Spaulding from the graduating class of 2018 is currently enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, majoring in film. She has worked on multiple film sets both student and professional, flying to South Carolina for one production and learning about film through hands on experience.Jem is focused on making experimental films herself, attempting to pull away from linear storytelling and traditional filmmaking. At school she's deconstructing the definition of cinema, contemporary media and digital culture to stretch the limits and expand the visual experience.

    Jem Spaulding smiling

    MMT students recognized as “BEST MOVIE” in the 10 Day Film Challenge (2019). MMT PM session students produced a film, entitled We Can Fix This,which was awarded BEST MOVIE (168 submissions) in Pennsylvania, and 4thplace nationally. WATCH the entire winning movie on our "MMT Photo Gallery" page.

    Winning Team holding the 10Day 1st place trophy students in production with RED camera and talent

    Photo of Kevin smiling  Kevin Shaw, a recent graduate of the Multimedia program at MBIT, has been working for the past year at Headhouse Media in Philadelphia. In this role as camera operator / post-production specialist, he has been instrumental in supporting the production values of the company’s hit series, A Taste of History, and has worked with many prominent institutions from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Sandals Resorts and Dietz and Watson. Congratulations, Kevin!

    Photo of Tanner by cinema camera   Tanner McGrath, a recent MMT grad, stands next to a cinema camera on location. Tanner is the owner of Tantronics Productions, a staging and production company, and freelance professional with Comcast and (CBS) Eye Productions, Inc., currently working on the TV series, Elementary. “MBIT provided me with the knowledge that has allowed me to find employment in many top-level industry productions.”, Tanner McGrath. 

    Jake Beyer, (2016) winner of the 10 Day Film Festival (PA -2016). Since leaving MBIT, Jake has worked as a teacher at an overnight summer camp working with children ages 7-15 on film techniques and facilitating youth movie projects. Jake currently works for Temple University’s College of Engineering as a Camera Operator and Editor for their news and social media outlets. He won a Creative Arts grant from Temple for the short film Arcadia, and has secured two high-profile actors for the project. His team will be shooting in Iceland this summer, and Jake will finalize the project this fall. For more on that project, please visit the Gofundme page which is up live under gofundme.com/arcadiafilm . In the fall, Jake will also be interning in Los Angeles and plans to launch his own production company from the momentum generated by Arcadia. 

     Jake ready to video with steadicam rig

    Rachael Hueber (2017) is working at Modern Driven Media, a social media Marketing Agency in Bucks County. She produces videos, photography, and designs graphics for mid-size clients for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. According to Rachael, "I’ve also learned so much about the new way of marketing called ‘Inbound Marketing’. It’s all about letting customers find you instead of finding them first (Ex. blogging vs cold calling)."

    Rachael in winter hat

    Independently, Rachael has been applying various marketing tactics to her own Instagram account and is working weekends as a freelance photographer. Here's is a link to her photos: www.instagram.com/rachzworld 

    Emmy® Award bragging rights were awarded to MMT students by NATAS Mid-Atlantic for Best Light News Feature. Their winning entry was a news feature segment that profiled the innovative aquaponics program launched in 2018 in the Horticulture, Landscape & Design program at MBIT.

    Students in the Multimedia Technology program had an amazing opportunity to work with local TV production teams on several real-world projects. This integrated learning was in addition to live production services for the Comcast News Makers. In their professional roles, multimedia teams produced:

    1. a documentary about the Art on the Move educational imitative and art collection at the Bucks County IU.
    2. an explainer video to profile the important services provided by BARC Developmental Services.
    3. vignettes to be used in the pilot episode on River Country, a potential cable TV reality series.